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At Clinemetrica our primary goal is to help each individual attain the best possible physical and mental health throughout their life.

To accomplish this goal, we draw on the scientific expertise and clinical experience of our health professionals from the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP) to educate, engage, and enable individuals to live healthy, happy, and productive lives for as long as possible.

The MyHealthCheckup web-based programs that form the cornerstone of our health promotion services are based on the best scientific evidence available to maximize the probability of success for each participant.

Latest News

Positive Workplace Wellness Results Published in Canada

Great workplace wellness results have just been published demonstrating the 1-year results of a program that our group developed with Merck Canada.

The most impressive study to date in a Canadian setting. Results for the second year have already been submitted for publication.

myhealthcheckup is the platform that powered this study.

Read a summary of the study here:

Recognizing Merck Canada

We congratulate the team at Merck Canada for being recognized by the National Business Group on Health in the USA for the development of the 'LIVE IT' program in Canada to support employee wellness.

Only three companies outside of the USA received an award and Merck Canada was the only Canadian company.

The 'LIVE IT' employee wellness program was developed by Merck Canada in partnership with the development team from and

WASHINGTON, DC, September 27, 2017 – The National Business Group on Health last night recognized employers for having the best workforce health and well-being programs in the nation.

Now in its 13th year, the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® awards recognize employers with exceptional commitment to improving their employees' physical and emotional health and well-being, productivity and overall quality of life. The awards program incorporates a wide range of well-being contributors including job satisfaction, community involvement, financial security, emotional health and social connectedness.

Results from the Canadian Navy’s myhealthcheckup program at CFB Halifax presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver on October 26, 2014.

Military personnel were invited to participate in multiple 4-12 week, web-based physical activity and healthy weight challenges. The average user accessed the website 42 times. Significant clinical improvements were observed for a variety of health measures including sedentary behaviour, blood pressure, weight, poor sleep, stress, and physical fatigue.

The myhealthcheckup Cardiometabolic Age

The myhealthcheckup Cardiometabolic Age Model goes live at with funding from the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR).

Results of the Shoppers Drug Mart Cardiovascular Age Risk program presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver on October 27, 2014.

Among 10,120 individuals treated for dyslipidemia, optimal adherence with daily lipid medication during the previous month was reported by 72%, while 28% had missed taking medication on at least one day or discontinued completely. When asked to identify their current action plan to reduce their cardiovascular risk, the most frequently mentioned goals were increasing physical activity (72%) and losing weight (71%).

Results from the Canadian Navy’s weight loss program at CFB Halifax presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver on October 26, 2014.

We evaluated the effectiveness of a web-based weight loss program that promoted increased physical activity, healthy eating, and Low-Glycemic Index energy bars to replace a daily meal. Among the 67 participants who started, the average weight loss over 4 weeks was 2.6lbs, ranging from + 6lbs to -15lbs. Twenty people lost over 5 pounds and there was a significant (p=0.005) dose-response where more frequent use of the site was positively associated with greater weight loss.

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Myhealthcheckup (MHC) is brought to you by the faculty and staff at the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP). We have been developing validated disease simulation models and “evidenced-based” health improvement programs for over 20 years.